Meet the Team

Atlas CEO and Developer at CryptoLink.Tech Profile Picture.


Founder & CEO

Hello! I'm Atlas. I'm the founder and lead developer at CryptoLink. I have over two decades of experience in everything from operations, security, development, and management mostly in enterprise environments in the financial services and E-commerce industry. When not working on CryptoLink, I spend my time consulting for the same type of companies on a management, strategy, and technological level.

Druuu CFO and Developer at CryptoLink.Tech Profile Picture.


CFO & Developer

Hey I'm Druuu, I'm passionate about anything tech related. I started mining bitcoin on an old PC around 2014 and became more serious about crypto in 2016. At CryptoLink I'm the glue between design and solidity contracts, mainly dealing with front-end development. You may also catch me commentating poker events around the Defi space!

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Hey! My name is Cletus, I'm the COO at CryptoLink. I manage our day-to-day operations, partnerships, pursuits, and sales.  I have a B.S.E and M.S.E in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan. My experience is in electrical infrastructure (solar and substations), but have dabbled in automotive and defense too. When I'm not working, you'll find me golfing or training my dogs.

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Hello! My name is Wally, I'm the CMO at CryptoLink. My work centers around managing our social media pages, media productions, partnerships, and outreach. My formal education is a Bachelors in Political Science with a Minor in History from the University of Michigan. I have seven years of experience coaching football and rugby with two of those being at the Collegiate level.

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Hello everybody. My name is Pista, I am the CLO at CryptoLink. I oversee anything and everything that impacts our compliance to regulation. I help with ensuring that our protocol is legitimate and sound from a legal standpoint. I have a Masters of Law from Concordia University focusing on business and tech law. I have experience working in engineering, tech, and business consulting.