Blockchain-to-Blockchain Communication

CryptoLink.Tech provides developers with the tools they need to scale their offerings across various blockchain networks. Our platform simplifies the complexity of omnichain interoperability, enabling seamless integration for innovators and enterprises alike.

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General Mesage Passing

CryptoLink's messaging technology delivers secure cross-chain interoperability for Web3, enabling developers to build dApps that can grow beyond a single blockchain.

Discover Possibilities is the any token cross-chain swap that was built by the CryptoLink team using CryptoLink technology.

Seamless X-Chain Swaps

AnyToAny allows your community to instantly swap from any token on one blockchain to any token on another blockchain all in 1 click. Put the swap widget on your site using an easy iframe drop-in.

Development Services

CryptoLink's development services streamline your Web3 project across multiple blockchains. Tailored for efficiency, we're your partner in building innovative, cross-chain solutions.

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Decentralization Through a Validator Node Network

CryptoLink's Network Validator Nodes are a critical part of the platform's decentralized ecosystem, they are responsible for confirming and validating cross-chain transactions.

Multi-layer Consensus

Independent layers each require 51% consensus for a message to be processed.

Validation Rewards

Validator operators earn blockchain native gas coins for each cross-chain transaction.

Tiered System

Early participants that validate for a chain earn higher relative APR.


Trusted by Leaders in the Space

“CryptoLink's security, speed, and ease of use is second to none. They have supported us like none other and I am proud to call them partners.”

Zach Medin CEO and Co-Founder of Cardinal House Marketing.
Zach Medin
Co-founder @ Cardinal House

“CryptoLink and Gauss have a close working relationship as our sponsored bridging solution. The CryptoLink team is fantastic to work with. Their tech is revolutionizing the space and we are proud to utilize their technology.”

Gary Paul Jr.  CEO and Co-Founder of Gauss Curated L1 Blockchain.
Gary Paul Jr.
CEO of Gauss Blockchain

“CryptoLink presents a unique tech to the blockchain space that has the power to shape the future of bridging. Operated by a solid team with great ethics who are bringing a fantastic value add to the table, made partnering with them an easy choice.”

Cyril Keir is a leader in the DeFi space. Cyril runs his own projects and advises many others.
Cyril Keir
Founder @ KC Consulting

"Node Runner could not have been more happy with being one of the first people to acquire a Network Validator for CryptoLink's bridging technology. It is very rare to come across projects that have both a great idea and income opportunities."

Austin Clark Manager of Node Runner and respected trader.
Austin Clark
Manager @ Node Runner