July 5, 2023

Chain Reaction: The Genesis Block Edition

Chain Reaction: The Genesis Block Edition

Presented by CryptoLink.tech

Volume 1 | Edition 1 | June 22, 2023

Opening Thoughts

Dear CryptoLink Family old & new,

Greetings and welcome to the first edition of Chain Reaction, a comprehensive crypto space for both novices and pros alike. As we embark on this journey, we assure you this isn't a conventional news reporting platform. Our ambition is to encapsulate insightful analysis, thoughtful commentary, and the warmth of human connection, all while making the vast and intricate world of crypto a tad more navigable.

We've pieced together an electric blend of sections tailored to cater to your interests and queries:

  • CryptoLink Connect
  • Crypto Currents
  • Interchain Intel
  • Tech Talk
  • Decoded

I, Wally, will primarily be bringing you these stories, however, this won't be a one-man show. You can look forward to engaging perspectives from our dynamic CryptoLink team, our trusted partners, and insightful interviews with industry pioneers. Every Thursday at 10:30 AM UTC, you will receive our weekly newsletter. Let's take a closer look at what's in store!

Cryptolink Connect

Our community corner, CryptoLink Connect, is an intimate space where we discuss significant updates about CryptoLink, its initiatives, and its partners. We believe in a two-way conversation and are keen to share everything about our world with you. Chain Reaction is designed to be the bridge between you and us, taking the place of our regular major announcements.

CryptoLink Ignites Innovation: Zealy Campaigns Go Live!

This week, we're buzzing with excitement as we announce the advent of this newsletter and the launch of our much-awaited Zealy campaigns. Hats off to Cletus and the team for their tireless work in creating an immersive Zealy experience like never before. Get ready for a whirlwind of community engagement, interactive features, and cutting-edge campaigns that will keep you on your toes.

Zealy will be a new hub for community engagement and giveaway events! The platform was crafted specifically for web3.0 projects and communities and the team sees it as a great opportunity to boost engagement.

CryptoLink.Tech started its first Zealy.io sprint on Friday, June 16 at 12PM EDT

Cletus Teams Up with Pantheon QA: Streamlining Processes and Upping the QA Game!

At CryptoLink we are constantly working to be the best that we can be as a team. That’s why our very own COO, Cletus, has been working tirelessly with the team at Pantheon QA service, provided by Zeus Finance. This collaboration aims to tighten up our processes, enhance quality assurance, and provide a superior experience for all CryptoLink users. Cletus' relentless dedication to ensuring quality and fostering efficiency is truly commendable. We're looking forward to the fruits of this collaboration enhancing every aspect of CryptoLink's services. Stay tuned for more updates!

Pantheon QA

Pantheon Official Twitter


Wally Joins the Conversation: Co-Hosting Gauss Marketing Monday Twitter Spaces

In an exciting piece of news, I've been invited to co-host the Gauss Marketing Monday Twitter Spaces. I'm humbled by the opportunity to join this influential platform alongside some of the best minds in the crypto marketing sphere.

This platform isn't just about talking - it's about listening, learning, and engaging with the community. As a part of these discussions, I aim to bring the lessons learned from our journey with CryptoLink and, in turn, gain new insights from your experiences.

Let's come together next week, Monday the 26th of June, to dive deep into the intriguing world of crypto marketing. Looking forward to our dynamic exchanges and collective learning!

Guass Official Twitter

Guass L1-Curated Blockchain


Wally’s Official Twitter

CMO CryptoLink.Tech


Crypto Currents

Welcome to Crypto Currents, your personal navigator through the ever-changing tides of the cryptocurrency world. Here, we cover everything from global crypto phenomena to the latest buzz on Crypto Twitter, ensuring you stay abreast of the important trends and conversations.

In the fast-paced world of crypto, staying informed is key. And with Crypto Currents, you'll never miss a beat. Tune in each week for the updates you need to navigate the cryptoverse with confidence.

Nike's NFT Sneaker Hunt: A Game-Changer in Blockchain and Gaming?

Okay, folks, check this out. Nike is hinting at some sneaker NFT action on Fortnite. And remember, Fortnite isn't some run-of-the-mill game. It's a behemoth, with over 242.9 million active players last month alone. It's a prime spot for a serious Web3 shakedown (Cointelegraph, 2023).

Here's the deal: Nike's been teasing an "ultimate Sneakerhunt" on their social channels. It's all set to kick off on June 20 and they're calling this shindig "Airphoria". They're using their own Web3 platform, .Swoosh, to power this, which has led to some whispers about NFTs being involved (Cointelegraph, 2023).

Details? They're as scarce as Binance BTC liquidity (hehe) right now. But the NFT community thinks Nike might be building something using Fortnite Creative 2.0 - that's where players can create their own game maps. And with Epic Games being pro-NFT gaming, things are starting to look interesting (Cointelegraph, 2023).

Nike's not new to the gaming scene, either. They've recently announced plans to integrate their NFTs into EA Sports games. Which games exactly? Your guess is as good as mine. (Please be Madden)

Are you ready to experience Airphoria? Find the never-before-seen #AirMax world in @FortniteGame, and join in the Ultimate Sneakerhunt before it disappears into thin air on 6.27 👟 🌏

— Nike (@Nike)
Jun 20, 2023

Crypto Sleuth ZachXBT: Unraveling a Million-Dollar Legal Tangle

Crypto Twitter is buzzing, folks! On-chain Sherlock, ZachXBT, has landed in hot water after Jeffrey Huang (aka MachiBigBrother) filed a libel lawsuit against him. The reason? An article by ZachXBT accusing Huang of draining funds from the Formosa Financial project and launching over 10 failed pump and dump schemes.

A year ago, @zachxbt published a Medium article about me that damaged my reputation.
Today, I have filed a defamation lawsuit against him in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas.

— Machi Big Brother (@machibigbrother)
Jun 16, 2023

Huang's legal team is hitting back, denying these allegations and suggesting that ZachXBT published the accusations for financial gain through donations. In a twist, ZachXBT is now crowdfunding a cool million for his legal defense. Some are raising their eyebrows at the high number, but Zach has assured he'll return any leftover funds to their original wallets.

3/ I am creating a donation address to assist with legal costs associated with the defense of this matter, which could easily exceed $1m USD.

All leftover funds will be returned on a pro rata basis to contributors.

— ZachXBT (@zachxbt)
Jun 16, 2023

So, what do you reckon, anon? Is this lawsuit a genuine case of defamation or an attempt to silence an on-chain investigator doing his job? And what about this crowdfunding campaign – a legitimate defense strategy or an overestimate? WHO IS THE WOMBAT HERE?! Let's hear your thoughts on twitter with the #ChainReaction!

Bitcoin's Brief Leap to $138k on Binance.US: A Flash Pump Amid Liquidity Woes

A recent glitch on Binance.US led to Bitcoin's price briefly skyrocketing to over $138,000, almost 400% higher than its actual value elsewhere (Blockworks, 2023). This 'flash pump' lasted mere seconds and saw a turnover of 62.22 BTC, approximating $1.8 million (Blockworks, 2023).

Typically, these anomalies appear as 'flash crashes,' but in this case, a suspected market purchase of Bitcoin with Tether (USDT) and low liquidity led to an immediate filling of all sale orders at realistic prices, causing the price to soar (Blockworks, 2023).

NEWS: Bitcoin ‘flash pumps’ to $138K all-time high on Binance's US exchange

— Blockworks (@Blockworks_)
Jun 21, 2023

Interchain Intel

Here we will be providing updates and insights from across different blockchain networks. From chains close to home to new and unexplored places, the goal is to bring you the latest and best!

Polygon Ascends: Time's Top 100 Most Influential Companies Welcome a Blockchain Giant

The Layer-2 behemoth has been recognized by one of the most influential publications in the world! Polygon Labs was included in Time’s latest “Top 100 Most Influential Companies in the World” list, along with names like Formula One, The North Face, and A24 Films. This could have some implications on the legitimacy of the space moving forward, as we all know that the “average joe” has trust issues with crypto. With “Time” recognizing Polygon, maybe we can see some progress towards that “mass adoption” thing we always talk about…

Polygon Labs was included on @TIME's list of the 100 Most Influential Companies of 2023. We are incredibly proud & want to share this moment with you.

The value layer of the internet is coming, and it’s time for the community to shine.


— Polygon (Labs) (@0xPolygonLabs)
Jun 21, 2023

Banking on the Future: Is Fantom Up Next?

It has been reported that Fantom’s weekly unique users are up 33% this week. In lieu of recent announcements about the lowering of validator min. costs, the Gas Monetization Program, and the possibility of a Fantom Bank its possible Fantom is the next star of the alt coin scene. For reference, Binance only saw an increase of about 0.2% in unique users this last week and Polygon saw a decrease of around 13%. Fantom seems to be riding some serious momentum. Will it last, anon?

ICYM: Fatom is outperforming all chains, becoming the chain with the largest users growth in the week with 30.3% (5.85M unique users/week)!

All eyes focus on $FTM when 1 validator is reduced to 50K $FTM, #Fantom bank and FVM... 👀
$FTM season in the future? 😎

— Fantom Talk (@FantomTalk)
Jun 21, 2023

Epic Games x NFTs: Ethereum Layer-2 Game Reaches the Big Leagues

Epic Games, which is home to over 230 million video game players, has officially listed God’s Unchained on it’s game marketplace. God’s Unchained is a card-based game that plays similar to Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone. The game launched in 2019 and amassed a weekly average userbase of 80,000 players by January of 2022. The game is based on Immutable X, an Ethereum Layer-2. (CointTelegraph, 2023)

This is huge for the blockchain community. Epic Games is one of the top publishers and game launchers out there, typically spoken in the same breath as gaming giant Steam. Steam, however, has not been so keen on the idea of web3.0 games launching on their platform, going as far as to retroactively remove games with web3.0 components such as Age of Rust.

Funt Fact: Epic Games is also the developer of Fortnite, the game mentioned in the Nike news!

Tech Trends

Here, we explore the latest technological advancements and innovations in the blockchain space. Each week we are going to do our best to bring you at least one useful and legitmate tech release in the web3.0 or AI spaces of development. We have all seen the AI threads and the crypto gems accounts on Twitter flooding the platform with a lot of repetitive and useless info. In Tech Talk, we are going to narrow down the best of the best in the space at the time.

The Race to Legitimacy: Gauss is Paving the Way

Anyone that has been following CryptoLink for any length of time probably knows at this point that we are partnered with Gauss. That is not why I am writing this piece on them. Gauss’ Curated L1 Blockchain is bringing a much needed service to the absolute chaos that the web3.0 space has devolved into over the past decade.

The magic is in the name. The blockchain is curated, meaning a project/company has to endure and pass an air-tight vetting process through the Gauss Curation Team.

We think this space needs more integrity and transparency.

What about you?


#blockchain#blockchainstartup #secureblockchain#nft#techstartup#web3security #web3#crypto

— Gauss (@gaussgang)
Jun 21, 2023

Gauss is a step in the direction of enterprise-level adoption of blockchain technology, and whether the idealists want to admit it or not, new capital doesn’t come into the blockchain markets without more enterprise adoption. As I stated earlier, the average person only uses what they trust. This means companies that already have the trust of the consumer need to build on-chain to bring those consumers to the blockchain, and Gauss is here to provide the structure necessary for that.

Gary Paul, Jr.

CEO, Gauss Curated L1 Blockchain


On top of the great system and technology they have developed, Gauss secured the first completely legal and regulated ICO in Europe through the LCX exchange. Another example of professionalism every step of the way. The public sale is live right now, so be sure to check it out and see if Gauss is right for your future in blockchain!

📢Traders, join the ongoing $GANG token sale on LCX!

Gauss enables a secure foundation for the brands on their curated blockchain, which shields ecosystems from fraudulent activities, providing trust and integrity for ecosystems to thrive.

Join now: accounts.LCX.com/token-sale/ong…

— LCX (@lcx)
Jun 21, 2023

The team at Gauss is also second to none from my experience in the space. Led by Gary Paul, Jr. (CEO) the Gauss team has every piece you would be looking for in a start-up aimed for success. Scams are getting out of control and the real builders in the space deserve a better image for their industry. I tip my cap to the Gauss team and look forward to where they are headed.


In this section, we decode complex blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts into understandable language. This space is riddled with overly complicated lingo that puts an unecessary barrier between a new user and the great technology.

Unraveling the Mystery: Concentrated Liquidity

Alright, let's cut the fluff and get right to it. Concentrated liquidity, a term popularized by Uniswap V3, isn't as mind-boggling as it sounds. It's simply a way for liquidity providers (LPs) to specify a price range for their assets. Instead of spreading their capital across the entire price spectrum (like in Uniswap V2), LPs can now 'concentrate' their capital within specific price ranges. This means they can get more trading fees when the market price is within their chosen range. The advantage? More efficient capital utilization. The catch? If the market price moves out of their chosen range, they stop earning fees and face potential impermanent loss. So, it's not rocket science after all - just another innovative step in the DeFi journey.

Final Byte: Wally's Wisdom

To round things out I’d like to give Steam and MachibigBrother co-wombats of the week for their contributions to the worst side of crypto. Steam gets co-wombat for rejecting the next evolution in gaming and giving a thumbs-down to web3.0. Machi gets co-wombat for seemingly being a salty scam artist. Both are bad for the space and both get wombatted.

Well, there you have it folks, the first edition of the newsletter is wrapping up. Thank you for being part of our Chain Reaction this week. We hope these insights help you navigate the exciting world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Stay linked for more updates next week!


Wally, CMO CryptoLink.Tech

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